Wauka Valley Farm

An update on our farm:

Over the years some changes have occurred, dictated by nature and time. We have lost to very old age all of our Corriedale foundation ewes and some of their Cotswold-cross children. These ladies produced wonderful babies with the best qualities of both breeds! Our flock currently consists of only 8 Corriedale/Cotswold ewes and wethers, along with 2 Baby Doll ewes.

I stopped breeding our ewes in 2004— a decision based on my age, not theirs. Our last group of lambs (affectionately known as “The Mouton Mafia) is now 13 years old. As our flock gets older, their wool does not grow as fast as it once did. During a long, hard winter a few years ago I worried about a few that were shorn in the fall. As a result, I have decided not to shear any of them in the fall anymore, and just do it once a year in the spring.

We have fleeces in many colors including lots of white. The fleeces that are not sold on shearing day are processed into roving by Zeilinger Wool Company. We feed our sheep the best grain and hay available and we know that this good nutrition and care shows in the quality of wool fiber they produce. Wauka Valley Farm hopes that you are very pleased with your purchases from us and welcome any and all comments.

Thank you for your business and "Keep on Spinning!!!"
Lynn Johnson and Family​


Saff.  Oct 26-28 2018

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair WNC Agricultural Center

Fletcher, NC. 

Wauka Valley Farm is a family farm in the Northeast Georgia Mountains, specializing in Wool Products from our own flock of sheep and alpacas.  Visits by appointment only.
Georgia Mountain Hand Spinners Guild. Meeting is normally on the second Saturday of the month from noon to 4PM at:
Quinlan Art Center
514 Green Street, N.E.
Gainesville, GA 30501.

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